Government Reform:

  • Attack abuse, waste and fraud in our government at all levels
  • Reform all Inspector General offices to report to a central body versus the current format of reporting directly to the entity where they reside
  • Support Term Limit legislation for the House and Senate:
    • US Senate – Two 6 year terms max
    • US House – Six 2 year terms max
  • Balanced Federal Budget Amendment:
    • Pledged to the Citizens Campaign for a Balanced Federal Budget Amendment

True Campaign Finance Reform:

  • Support the “American Promise” to set a top limit on all federal campaigns
  • Allow public and private donations up to the top established limit per campaign per office


  • Provide affordable health care and affordable prescription drug prices for all
  • Provide a solid safety net for those who cannot afford health care benefits
  • Fortify Medicare through strategic funding methods
  • Fortify and if necessary expand Medicaid through strategic funding methods

Energy and Environment:

  • Work to achieve an effective mix of energy including renewables and drive effective policies to protect our environment
  • Support the continuation of the Renewable Investment Tax Credit at 30% for all Renewable Energy installations

Social Programs:

  • Support the goal of racial and gender equality through common sense legislation
  • Provide a platform for sustainable social programs


  • Remove the Federal Government from all education functions
  • Give States and local bodies complete control of the education process


  • Support comprehensive immigration reform legislation balancing the needs of our country and the desires of qualified potential immigrants
  • Offer DACA recipients a sensible pathway to citizenship

You have a choice! Vote for the INDEPENDENT candidate for US Senate, Mark W. Turley. I will represent the best interests of all the people of Delaware and the country. When you vote for Turley, you vote for a person not a political party, lobbyists or big business influencers.